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What is Webdesign & IT?

Our Webdesign focuses on ease-of-use. We build websites, where everyone is able to customise & update every detail of his new webpage. Even without programming experience! A huge money saver, if you don’t have to hire an IT company, if you merely require minor changes.

Professional Look

The Website is the virtual business card and people will judge a company by it's online presence.

Have it your way

Communication is the most important part of a website project and we guarantee effective communication and revisions.


Easy to edit for the company and a clear structure and great experience for the visitor. We provide 2 hours of training on how to use the website.

100% Custom Made

Unlike other companies, Strategos.Solutions doesn't use templates but instead tailors the website solution to specific needs.

SEO Optimised

SEO - Search engine optimisation means the difference between being found and being invisible. Basic SEO is included!

No hidden costs

Many companies charge extra for basic features. When you choose Strategos, you don't have to worry if you have to pay extra for something like Google Map or Social Media integration.

Website Speed

Studies have shown faster websites to appeal more to visitors and increase sales & customer experience.

Mobile Optimised

More and more people browse the web from their mobile phones and tablets. Mobile optimisation is included!

100% Satisfaction

We plan your project, execute it, go through feedback loops and we even offer 30 days of service after the project has been completed.

Our Webdesign, IT & Graphics


Free Consulting

We will be glad to consult you for free and work out ideas to make your new project a success. Communication is our top priority.

Marketing Optimised

Do you have a newsletter or plan on implementing it? We can help you to boost your subscriber count. 

Search engine optimisation is important to be found by customers and our package includes basic SEO optimisation.

Social media has risen to become the most effective tool in the marketing strategy of small businesses and we will implement them to boost your reach.

Full Individual Service

We do not like working with templates but instead create websites from scratch. Our philosophy is that every website needs to be tailored to the customers and undergo a meticulous feedback loop to guarantee complete satisfaction.

Ease of use

To ensure the best possible customer satisfaction, we will create a magnificent website with a clear structure. The visitor will be able to smoothly find the information he needs. 

Strategos.Solutions provides up to 2 hours of training so you will be able to easily add or remove content from your website. The program I provide you is so easy that even my mother can use it (literally).

Fancy gimmicks

Do you want to have a gallery carousel? Slide boxes? Animated objects? Google Maps? We have you covered!

Perfect for Small Business

We focus on providing the best service for small and medium-sized companies, as well as individuals like artists. Experience has shown what works best for companies like yours and you can be sure to receive the best service.


Not only do we design WordPress websites & webshops, we also offer great hosting services for competitive prices.

Strict Security

Most companies overlook the importance of securing websites. Why take a chance? We can help you set up a firewall, anti-virus & spam protection on your website.

100% Satisfaction

If, despite our good communication, you are not 100% satisfied, we will ensure your satisfaction through multiple feedback loops. If feel like something is missing, we will be glad to provide you with new ideas and implement them.

After the project is completed, we will provide you with follow-up support for 30 days for free!

No Luck?

Go back to the overview and browse my other services & solutions. If you still are uncertain, feel free to contact me & ask your questions!

Let's Cooperate!

Feel free to take a glance at my very reasonable prices, write me how I may help you, let's set up a meeting and get to work.

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