"We will either find you a way to magnify & sharpen your Strategic Communication... or create one"

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Strategy Solutions

Ancient Strategy

We help you to do & say the right things, at the right time and reach the right people, with our magnificent strategic plans.

Modern Technology

State of the art user experience and easy automation solutions, maximizing your desired results regarding operational strategy.

Timeless Efficiency

We craft your plans, readjust if necessary and make them as easy as possible for you to implement and save costs & time.

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Stratego's Solutions

Digital Strategy involves the application of technology to raise human performance in every marketing & communication endeavour they undertake. 360° Integrated Marketing.


Website Design & IT

Magnificent & professional websites, automation software, app development, web design, corporate design. A professional and appealing online presence make you or your company stand out in the pool of mediocre websites.

Strategische Kommunikation Niko Kern

Strategic Com

The similarities between "Digital Strategy" and "Strategic Communications" are astonishing. Not only are both of them new words and barely anyone has an idea of what they actually mean. A fatal mistake given the ever-rising importance of Strategic Communications.

Digital Strategy Consulting Wien-min

Political Marketing

Politics without marketing is like music without instruments. I built up a highly successful political sub organisation from scratch and wrote my college thesis about the marketing mix in politics, aka "politics 2.0".


Online Marketing

Digital Strategy & Social Media Marketing. There is the megatrend of customers going online and complaining or requesting support, gathering information or merely wanting an attentive listener. A well-trained Social Media team is hence the backbone of every company.

What sets us apart?

We help you to consistently say the right things, to the right people, at the right time. Sharpening & magnifying your strategy is our passion.

All our solutions are custom tailored and we pride ourselves on our efficient communication. A strong psychological & marketing background enables us to achieve the maximum results with the easiest & most effective solutions.

If we can't find a way, we will make one.

"The best method for estimating a leaders's intelligence is to look at his advisers."

Voices of

our Clients

10.000 Chancen

"Thousand thanks for your effort, you have made this project possible" (Job initiative for young Austrians, people with disabilities & refugees)

Formel Austria
FA Team:

"Sweet! I like it... Precise and neat" 

"Fresh! This is definitely going to rock!"

"Perfectly arranged and clear. Pictures are important, fitting and emotionalise the appearance."

Sektion ohne Namen Kern
Sektion Ohne Namen

"I love his digital performance, quickly-witted par excellence." (about the usage of Social Media)

"You have outdone yourself, perfect organisation and a great atmosphere." (about a political event I organised)

"Niko is the only person who could clean this mess up [...] with his Cesare Borgia efficiency." (about a complex situation)

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