Strategic Communications

The importance of

Strategic Communication

What is Strategic Communication?

Strategic Communications is the purposeful use of communication by an organization to fulfil its mission, while knowing how a certain set of audience attitudes, behaviours, or perceptions will support those objectives.

Say the right things to the right people at the right time.

Say the right things

Boost brand loyalty, reputation, sales & have the people talk about you by communicating the right key messages.

Spead Message

A strategic plan allows you to reach more people directly and indirectly via boosts to engine rankings, social signals & traffic.

to the right people

Define your target audience and analyse on which channels they can be reached with the least effort and maximum results.

Crisis & Reputation

Mistakes are human, dealing with them shows the true character of a person or company. 

at the right time

Timing is not only important in crisis situations and new endeavours but is a tool to exploit social media algorithms & boost reach.

Communication Plan

The roadmap for defining the audience and using smart communication strategy to reach measurable goals.

Our Strategic Communication


Public Relations

Reach out to media outlets to spread your message. Increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, acquire more sales & high-talent employees, increase your brand image and build connections in your sector. 

Not only connections to the media are important but also knowing what kind of content & events are of interest to a broader public.

Reputation Management

What do people find when they search for your name or your company? Bad search results or reviews can tarnish your reputation and need to be replaced with positive messages.


Being a good writer doesn't equate being a good copywriter. To convince your audience and sell to your customers is an art that must not be overlooked.

Internal Communication

Effective interal communication is the key to effective teamwork & project management. Agree upon a system and utilise its maximum potential. This helps to avoid conflicts and prevents work from being done twice or not at all.

Crisis Management

Sooner or later everyone finds himself in a crisis. Dealing with the situation in a manner that satisfies your customers and removes their doubts is essential.

Bad crisis management has led to the downfall of many companies, from which it is hard to recover.

Strategic Planning

You can not hit a target you can't see. This is why everyone needs a strategic communication plan 

  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Set measurable goals
  • Identify your key audience & media channels
  • Setup a timeline
  • Evaluate the progress & readjust the strategy


Content & Influencer marketing can be useful but never forget that "content is king". Act accordingly and hypnotise customers with heart-touching stories.

Raising Donations

We can help raise donations through effective means, be it over the website, external partners or direct mailing.

Positioning & Branding

Do you have a USP? Key messages? Consistent branding and corporate identity? Those aspects are important to appear professional in the eyes of your audience.

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