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Founding of Strategos

When? March 2017 

Why? After comprehensive self-studies of strategy as a whole and actual studies of marketing & sales (finished) and economics & business (finishing this year) this was the next logical step.

What? Strategos.Solutions e.U. is a Creative Ad Agency focusing on strategic communication and modern digital strategy and offers a qide array of IT & graphical services.

Who? Nikolaus Kern, akad. M&SWU is the sole owner and employs a network of various external consultants and freelancers.

About the Founder

Nikolaus Kern, akad. M&SWU - Academic Marketing & Sales Manager, earned at the University of Economics, Vienna. Currently working towards another business & economics degree.

Born in April 1988 in Vienna. Capable of speaking German, English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

My work history has granted me experience in various sectors, mainly in politics, marketing & sales and positions where I learned how to become a good team player , as well as team leader.

You will find my C.V. here as soon as the website is complete under https://strategos.solutions/about

Political Endeavours

I have always had a keen interest in politics but I simply didn't find a proper organisation to get involved and active in. Since many shared the same fate, we simply founded our own. The "SoN" was born, introducing a completely new concept for political work.

I was promoted to "Head of Strategic Communication", a position in the Board of Directors, after leading our organisation growth and attention on a scale unheard before

I am responsible for strategic planning, networking, member acquisition, positioning, PR & editorial office, the IT task force and event management as well as leading the focus group "intraparty reforms & democracy".


I have always been a highly driven individual with a natural communication talent and the right touch for implementing both strategy & tactics to reach my goals.

The first time I visited the parliament was at the age of 4. I still remember my father's office, where he used to work for a former chancellor. A spartan office with a tiny TV stretching over maybe 19".

Back in the day, both parents were highly involved in politics, my mother being the head of the biggest student organisation and both seeming keen on pursuing a career in those fields.

Both of them decided to change horses and go into the private sector. A journey that lasted for years but unable to escape the strong call of politics got the better of them an reeled them back in.

Maybe it was nature? The same urge I always had to "participate in politics to not be ruled by inferiors", like Aristoteles put it.

Earning the Spurs

While I have always been interested in politics, the time to get active never seemed right. Suffering from the da Vinci curse of having too many interests, I didn't feel the effort required was worth it.

Being of curious nature and having many interests can be both a curse but also a blessing. I spent countless years reading books, studying documentaries and attending courses in various fields, ranging from communication over marketing to organisation.

Since I always have had a rational and pragmatic mind with a strategic far sight I didn't feel at home, since far sight was a rare commodity amongst the people I would have been the subordinate of.

Moving forward. Through work, I met someone who invited me to found a Sektion - an organisational unit of a political party - whose Chairman surprisingly was a lawyer I met years ago through a business event.

This marks the start of a fruitful cooperation.


After around 9 years of business experience as an employee, I decided to found the strategic communications agency, Strategos.Solutions to share my skills with people who are in need of them. A wise decision I have never once doubted.

On top of this company, I also am the Co-Founder of 3 other companies. A fulfilling yet sleep-robbing endeavour. Back to politcs.

Things were going pretty good in our Sektion and Half a year after founding our Sektion, to the surprise of many, my father was granted the honour of leading our country in the position as Federal Chancellor.

While being active before, I stepped up my efforts and made our Sektion a nationwide success by employing a magnificent communications mix, creating and organising new formats (events, tours, etc) as well as coming up with creative ways to advance our agenda.

Those stratagems rewarded me a position in the board of executives of a now well-known Sektion whose opinion is given weight by the highest officials in the country.

"The best method for estimating a ruler's intelligence is to look at his advisers."