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Here you will find an overview of our 360° integrated marketing solutions.
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Digital Strategy

A worthwhile Digital Strategy is what connects the dots between all of your online as well as offline marketing efforts. We offer solutions for an integrated digital strategy concept that aligns every online marketing project in a logical fashion, ensuring maximum results.

Ensuring that your customers find you, arouse their interest, convert them to your customers and keep them loyal to your brand, is our passion.

We provide you with 360° Integrated Marketing Solutions & craft Multimedia Creative Concepts


Web Design & Branding

A website acts your digital business card and the Corporate Design is a major influencing factor for buying decisions and customer trust.  A professional appearance will set you apart and ensure the best possible first impression.

Strategische Kommunikation Niko Kern

Strategic Communications

A meticulously crafted Strategic Communication Plan will help you and your organisation brand & position itself, improve cooperation, reach objectives and avert possible crisis, by saying the "right things right". 

Social Media Tree

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is among the most effective marketing tools available. An insufficient Web 2.0 strategy can prove disastrous, for it may mean the difference between reaching a client or being invisible at best, a fool at worst.

Digital Strategy Solutions

Here is a list of our areas of digital expertise

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Advertising

On- & Offpage Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Content Marketing

Content Distribution

Influencer Marketing

Subscriber Acquisition

Targeting & Monitoring

Keyword Research

Raising Donations

Newsletter Marketing

Social Media Management

Automation Solutions

Logo & Website Design

Strategic Communications

Social Media Marketing

A humongous part of Digital Strategy. The core, so to say.

Internal Guidelines


Complete Setup & Post Schedule

Integrating Channels

Social Media Ads

Subscriber Growth

Customer Interaction

Social Media Campaigning



LinkedIn, Google +, Snapchat, WhatsApp

YouTube, Instagram & Pinterest

Strategic Communications

We know what to say, when to say it and over which channels to communicate.




Internal Communication

Crisis Management

Strategic Planning

Public Relations

Reputation Management

Corporate Identity



Universal Company Wording

Web Design & IT

Thanks to magnificent freelancer, we are able to also offer the following professional services in the IT & Design area.

Website Creation

Homepage Design


App programming

Corporate Design




"The one who adapts his policy to the times prospers, and likewise that the one whose policy clashes with the demands of the times does not."

Hence I guarantee that together we are going to make you & your company fit for the future. We will either find a way... or make one.

Speeches & Workshops

Speeches & Workshops

From Workshops over Seminars & Discussions to Keynote Speeches. Is there anything interesting you wish me to talk about? Get in touch and update me on your plans.

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